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Winnemac Park Neighbors, Ravenswood: July 2017

We’ve officially reached that season again: that special time in early July when many Chicagoans shoot at each other trying not to hit anybody and sometimes failing.  (So really, other than a change in intentionality, not so different from any other time of year in too much of Chicago.)  If you’ve come to this blog looking for information about when exactly you might visit Winnemac Park to enjoy having someone shoot in your general direction, you’re out of luck. Unlicensed fireworks shows are illegal in Chicago, and (curiously) no one wants to publish a schedule for their criminal activity.  

In all seriousness — be safe out there folks, and try to end the night with the same number of fingers as you started it.  And please keep your fireworks out of the children’s playground, so our kids don’t have to deal with any unexploded ordnance the next day.  You may want to pretend you know what you are doing with fireworks, but my kids certainly don’t.