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A community blog focused on the neighborhood around Winnemac Park in the Ravenswood / Lincoln Square area of Chicago. Contact us to post news, events and useful information relevant to the area.

Winnemac Park Neighbors, Ravenswood: July 2014

Did you know your friendly neighborhood blog gets more visitors in the first 4 days of July than the entire rest of the summer combined?

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Oh, and about those fireworks: There are no sanctioned fireworks scheduled for Winnemac Park on July 4th this year.  History suggests that fireworks will probably be set off after dark.  No one takes responsibility for this illegal, unregulated fireworks display (because if they did, the city would pretty much be forced to arrest them on felony charges), so there is no formal schedule.  And we all look forward to the vigorous neighborhood debate about whether the night of fireworks is (1) a fun family-pleasing tradition celebrating an important American holiday, or (2) a dangerous menace that endangers people and property and trashes our beloved park.  Whichever opinion you hold: Stay safe, and a have a happy 4th of July!