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A community blog focused on the neighborhood around Winnemac Park in the Ravenswood / Lincoln Square area of Chicago. Contact us to post news, events and useful information relevant to the area.

Winnemac Park Neighbors, Ravenswood: January 2012

Happy New Year! Please forward this email to neighbors! Print, hand-out and post fliers…bring a friend!

Winnemac Park Neighbors

(Area 2) Damen to Western, Lawrence to Foster and all those interested!

Our next meeting is this Tuesday, January 10th

7:00PM at Dolce Casa Cafe 4947 N Damen. 

Coffee and teas available to order. Please know we make every effort to respect the schedules of our host venue and our speakers, keep the meetings factual, civil and non-political, and keep the meetings to one hour.

Our first meeting heard from the Chappell Elementary School Principal Mr. Joseph Peila on performance improvements and initiatives, Bob Farster of Friends of McPherson School ( and the group North Side High School Initiative (  Winnemac Park Advisory Committee members Dave Miretzky and Amy Williamson discussed the workings and accomplishments of the park over the years. Many neighbors encouraged everyone to visit the schools…you’ll be impressed!

Tuesday January 10th General Agenda:

I. General announcements and updates

1. Ward Re-Map update (Did you know you may be moved to the 40th Ward Alderman’s jurisdiction?)

2. NEW funds coming to McPherson, Chappell and Amundsen through Grow 47… what does this mean for us?

3. Ideas for a neighbor group web site and neighbor “bulletin board” email exchange

4. Fundraising for Chappell classrooms through

5. Winnemac Park, event and news updates from neighbors

6. 47th Ward neighbor’s focus assisting Senior Citizens

7. Next 47th Ward Council Meeting is Tuesday January 17th, 6:45PM at 4250 N Paulina (Bethany United Church)

II. The Amundsen High School Principal, Mr Carlos Munoz, will address our neighbors at the Tuesday January 10th meeting. Thank you neighbor Stephen Reynolds for booking this important guest! Please contact Stephen at [email protected] or Amundsen High School directly if you are interested in a “Friends of” Amundsen Group. He and local neighbors are looking to establish a working group with the school.

III. Neighbor Jim Javenkoski will speak about a “community garden” initiative.  We think this is a great idea, very attainable and sustainable and will “brand” Winnemac Park Neighbors in a tangible way.  Please attend the meeting or contact us if you’d like to work on a Community Garden Committee. The committee would together lobby for public garden space and help administer the garden.

IV. PENDING: We’ve invited Park District representatives of Winnemac Park to address our neighborhood group on the “State of the Park”. No confirmation yet, but we’ll make this a priority at this or the next meeting if confirmed.

*We’d like to establish a web site or communications group for Winnemac Park Neighbors.  If you have ideas and would like to help establish a community site and good way to manage the contacts list, please reply to us ASAP.  We’d like to present ideas at the next meeting and make a decision.

*We have several neighbors interested in a “friends of Chappell” group. There are some Chappell parents formalizing the group and updates will be forthcoming.  In the meantime, you may contact Eric Rojas at [email protected] if you are a parent or prospective parent at Chappell.  Contact the school at  773-534-2390 to tutor, volunteer or donate. Tell the Principal and administrative office you are excited about a “Friends of” group forming!

*If you have a local service, a business, school news, or initiatives you’d like to announce that affect our immediate neighbors (Area 2), please contact us or come to the meeting a little early. You may want to speak to the group or have us make a quick announcment. All agenda items are created by neighbors and their follow up.