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Winnemac Park Neighbors, Ravenswood: May 2014


Featuring the Outstanding Artistic Expressions


the Amundsen High School Photography Class

(Teacher Ms. Jessica Gansz)

Amundsen High School photography students are teaming up with Buzz, a neighborhood restaurant located at 1935 W. Irving Park Road, to hold an art show displaying the work of our young student artists!  This show will be on display to all Buzz patrons from May 1st through May 22nd


an Opening Reception with the Viking Artists

on May 5th from 4:30 – 6 p.m.

Soft-drinks and light snacks will be served.

After 6 p.m., anyone interested in remaining at Buzz to indulge in a tasty dining experience that features a variety of gourmet hamburgers and amazing sides is welcomed to stay.

Adult beverages will be available at this time.

Through May 22, to raise badly needed funds for the Amundsen High School Photography Class, Buzz is offering the following to all restaurant patrons that mention Amundsen High School when ordering:

Buzz will make a $2 donation to the AHS Photography Club on any food bill greater than $10


provide a $3 discount on any food bill greater than $10.

(To maximize proceeds to the AHS Photography Class, Buzz’s will increase its donation to the AHS Photography Class to $5 for any patron who is willing to forgo the $3 discount.)

If you are feeling particularly generous, please feel free to leave your donation of any amount in the Photography Class Donation Box, which will be available to all Buzz patrons through May 22.)

More about the Photography Project: The show features work from a project which taught students how to take portrait photographs that examine the lives of students in the halls of Amundsen.

The project focused on questions such as: What can you tell about a person simply by looking at their photograph? What things can’t you tell about someone by looking at their portrait? Students also included a written personal statement to accompany their pictures, which helped them to explore whether or not viewers’ opinions changed after reading the statement.  For most students, this assignment provided students with their first opportunities to use a “real” camera (NOT a cell phone camera).  Students were taught how to use the equipment to obtain desired results for portrait photography. Teacher Jessica Gansz’s objective was to give students a chance to express themselves through the camera’s lens, providing a deeper view into the faces and thoughts of Amundsen High School students.  Amundsen High School is very excited to share the work of our talented students with the Buzz community.