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Winnemac Park Neighbors, Ravenswood: April 2012

Winnemac Park Advisory Council Meeting     (Sorry for the late post)


Monday April 30th, 7PM to 8PM Location: Amundsen High School (south door on Damen) The Park Advisory Council for Winnemac Park is looking for self nominations for those to serve as new Council members. The current Council will help hold elections most likely in June (TBD). The Park Advisory Council works with the Park Supervisor among other officials to enhance park programming, safety and amenities. Winnemac Park has some successful ongoing programs that need community support and volunteerism, including basketball, swimming and after school care. Grow our park’s profile, enhance activities and enjoy great amenities!  President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary are the current official positions. The current Council members have been responsible for the new play-lot construction and increased landscaping we enjoy among many other things. You can have a big impact!  Email [email protected] and/or attend the next meeting to let us know your interest. We’ll also discuss current needs and issues at the park, proposed program ideas and volunteerism right now! — *Go to and enter your email for the weekly blog update!