Tuesday, February 25, 2014

GET GREEN! Ravenswood Community Council Sustainable Speaker Series

This Thursday February 27th, 6p-8:30p at Dolce Casa Café 4947 N Damen, Chicago. 
RSVP to:

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Should "Sneckdowns" be installed on Ainsle & Argyle Streets?

It's melting now, but the snow and cold of the last two months have left our local side street intersections narrowed to the point where traffic naturally had to slow down to navigate the restricted area. This natural snow/ice phenomena has been termed a "sneckdown."

DNAinfo recently ran an article about this issue.

Sneckdowns: Logan Square Group Documents Snowy Traffic Phenomenon

Sneckdown at Argyle and Winchester. Notice the snow behind the blue car

As more traffic diverts from the "thinner" Lawrence Avenue, any measure to slow these vehicles down should be encouraged. Mother Nature has done this for us for now (and turned Ainsle into a "one way at a time" street for a while), but the neighbors should consider (and discuss at our next meeting), advocating for curb extensions to be installed on Ainsle and Argyle at intersections from Western to the Metra tracks.

Curb extensions are a positive improvement on many fronts and thus are a great value government spending-wise. They cut the distance pedestrians have to cross at intersections. They have been proven to slow traffic and could deter some drivers from "taking the shortcut at all." Curb extensions help with flood control by replacing about 40% of the asphalt at intersections with plantings and grass. In the winter, they make good spots where the plows could push all of the extra snow.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hand drawn home and building portraits by Ravenswood resident

Phil and Katie are local Ravenswood residents and frequent Winnemac Park. Check out their home and building illustration/ portrait service.  Tell them you learned about his company here at winnemac.org.  We like to use this site to promote local services and craftsman.
My name is Phil Thompson, and my wife and I are behind Ravenswood-based Cape Horn Illustration. We create pen and ink home and building portraits for individuals and businesses who want to give their place of residence a lasting legacy. We've worked with clients getting home and business portraits for gifts and marketing pieces. 


As readers of this blog know, Chicago is a rich place for residential architecture. There's so much to uncover about Chicago beyond the well-known landmarks in the loop. Our illustration work has brought us face to face with the distinctive styles of the city: The bungalows, two-flats (as above), A-frame cottages, and more. You can view a collection of examples here to see how what styles are represented in our work.

All work is pen and ink on a heavy paper stock, and everything is drawn by hand. We prefer the classic, "etched" look because it exposes the labor of the work, each line and hatch-mark, behind a given home portrait. This method also gets us close to the details of the built environment; each building stone and ornament requires careful attention and concentration. 

For more examples of work, or to get in touch about getting a home portrait, check out our site


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Join St. Matthias Men's "35 and over" parish open basketball

If you are a St. Matthias School dad or church parishioner interested in open gym basketball 
Join us for
Men's Basketball at 9:00pm Wednesday nights in the St Matthias gym. 
Early Sunday morning open gym coming in a few weeks.
$0-$5.00 suggested donation at door
We will also participate in a parish tournament April 5th
(must be parent or parishioner 35 or over for tournament play).

12 players came out last Wednesday night for some pretty good basketball!

Questions? or Gerry Winters at

Weird winter at icey Winnemac Park

The constant cold and snow have famously taken their toll on the good citizens.  The weather has affected our travel, exercise, cars, parking, houses, social activity, habits... and of course PIPES!

Now even Winnemac Park has burst a hydrant creating a "On Frozen Pond" in the center of the park.   

The center paths of Winnemac Park are a sheet of ice after a hydrants burst in the cold.


Monday, February 3, 2014

Community meeting for proposed new wine bar at 1742 W Lawrence Avenue

Your participation is encouraged at the Community Meeting by Alderman Ameya Pawar 47th Ward on  
Wednesday February 12, 2014, 7pm at 1742 W. Lawrence Ave. 
The meeting will be in the vacant space at 1742 W. Lawrence.

This is in regards to the business proposal (Ampersand Wine Bar) and liquor licensing at 1742 W. Lawrence Ave. You might recall this location was the site for our Possibility Potluck Pop-up last August.

Questions? Contact Alderman Pawar’s Office Jim Poole at 773-868-4747 or [email protected]
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