Thursday, January 30, 2014

What's your favorite business or service around Winnemac Park?

Development is booming within a few blocks radius of Winnemac Park.  We have some established businesses that should benefit from the many new housing units coming to the area.  New businesses are also signing leases and building out spaces.   

Got a tip on a favorite business or service around Winnemac Park?
What's your favorite business or service walkable from Winnemac Park (within 3-4 blocks)? Windy City Liquors, Dolce Casa Café, Crystal Cleaners, Over Easy?  What services should we know about? Give them a plug with contact info in the comments here or at the Facebook page and we'll do our best to promote them on our sites, in meetings and with neighbors out and about.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

New childcare, preschool option at Ladybug and Friends

Bad photo snapped while waiting at the stoplight!

I've walked pass this a hundred times and finally noticed the banner.  Ladybug and Friends Daycare and Preschool is opening (opened?) at 2255 W Lawrence at North Oakley in Lincoln Square.  Anyone enroll?  Early childhood education from my experience is in high demand in the area.  We wish this new service much success.

Friday, January 24, 2014

It's Windy Out There



It's windy out there folks.  If you're gonna do the "dibs" thing, at least have the foresight to put something heavy out there that won't blow into the street — otherwise you're likely to lose your space anyhow.

Also, per the "unwritten" rules (that have actually been written many times), dibs is supposed to be a reward for the hard work you have done to actually shovel the snow out of the parking space. If you don't do any shoveling, you don't really have dibs.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Winter walk through Winnemac Park

The sun was out yesterday and the main paths around the park were cleared.  It was time to shake the weather blues and get out for a walk no matter what!

The main paths were cleared after another snow episode.

Going off-road in the snow was good exercise.

No stadium track today.


Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy MLK Day from Dolce Casa Cafe

Locals around Winnemac Park in Ravenswood love Dolce Casa Café 4947 N Damen Avenue on a cold day. New neighbors will love the welcoming atmosphere.

A busy Café Dolce Café on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
The café serves unique food along standard coffee drinks.  In addition to an old school café experience, Dolce Casa and it's proprietor Ross Outten have become sort of a neighborhood institution in a short period of time.  It's common to see Dolce Casa sponsor or host neighborhood groups and fundraisers.  There is often live music too.

Make Dolce Casa Café your meeting place in northern Ravenswood.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Neighbors: No two-way at West Argyle Street for now

About 30 community members gathered this evening at Amundsen High School to weigh-in on the proposed change to make West Argyle Street a two-way street between North Damen Avenue and North Wolcott Avenue.  The street is currently a one-way heading west from Wolcott to Damen. 

Neighbors file in.  About half by a show of hands said they live on West Argyle.
Neighbors heard from a representative of the developers of Ravenswood Terrace, 40th Ward Alderman Pat O'Connor and a traffic engineer from the City.

Long story short: It was made clear that the proposal for a two-way street at Argyle was from the development company to make automobile travel and access to the entrance of Ravenswood Terrace easier. This would prove more attractive to potential tenants than having to drive in a circular fashion to get to the east bound portion of Argyle.  The only way in to the Ravenswood Terrace development now would be to take south bound Wolcott to Argyle.

The City's traffic study showed the best solution to the development access problem was to make Argyle a two-way street.  It was verified that Argyle met technical standards for a two-way street and it's safer and less stressful on traffic to have a direct line of travel than to drive around the block.  A typical driver now would have to drive North on Damen, turn right on Winnemac (which is a busy park intersection), turn right on Wolcott and then left on Argyle, thus, passing through many extra intersections.

Alderman O'Connor addresses the community meeting this evening in Amundsen's auditorium.

The two-way proposal was rejected for now on the basis of two major reasons: 1) Argyle seems too narrow (despite is being the same size as West Winnemac) to have two-way traffic.  It was felt that cars would have no way to "move over" to make room to pass each other.  It would jam up.

And 2) Neighbors are weary of potential "cut through" traffic from the new Mariano's and L.A. Fitness developments in addition to the new residential apartments. 

Mr. O'Connor agreed to shelve the proposal and re-visit it down the road when all the development is completed and it is then shown that the need for a two-way at Argyle is critical.

It was great seeing some familiar faces this evening and really good to meet some new (new to me) neighbors.  A big thanks to Amundsen High School for once again making the facility available for public meetings without hesitation. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Shovel out storm drains before it rains!

From our Facebook page:
Our friendly weather forecasters are predicting as much as an inch of rain for Friday January 10th into Saturday. If you know where the storm drain in the in the vicinity of your home, you might want to get out there with a shovel out snow today while it's sunny and open it up.

NEW! Basketball for 1st and 2nd graders at Horner Park

We tried out a new basketball instructional league for 1st and 2nd graders at Horner Park. 

Successful club Chicago Mustangs is coaching a new program held at 
Horner Park 
2741 W Montrose 
Saturdays at 10am.

Ryne warms up with Coach Chris

 Saturdays at 10AM. Real instruction and games! Our son Ryne (1st Grade) has been playing bitty basketball for a couple years at St. Matthias and he loved this program last Saturday January 4th. The coaches were great and they are accepting kids for this NOW.  We'll be there Saturday!  

Price is listed at $150.00 for the 8 weeks but that may be less as this is a new program and session may be shorter.

Call Gene at 773 726-4733 or go to the site for information!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Divvy requesting feedback on new bike stations!

Happy 2014! Divvy - the Chicago bike share program is soliciting suggestions for new bike stations in the city. There are a number of requests for a Winnemac Park station as well and some other areas. Check it out, and if you see some where you think would work - make a suggestion! The link is here ( and also in the text below.

Help Suggest Locations for More Divvy Stations


Divvy currently has 300 stations all across Chicago, but will adding 175 more stations in 2014. With 475 stations, Divvy will be the bike share system with the most stations in North America! With these new stations we'll be able to expand in all directions into new neighborhoods while also filling in gaps in the current service area.

Divvy launched a website where you can make suggestions for locations of new stations.
On this map, you'll see:
  • Current Stations
  • Suggested Stations by the Public
Because you know your neighborhoods best, we ask that you use this page to suggest new stations and provide comments on existing ones.
All of your input will be considered by the Divvy Siting Team.
Please feel free to share this page ( with your friends, family, and community for their feedback.
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