Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Help Chappell teachers with class fundraiser projects, first project up!

Check out the DonorsChoose project, Technology, Here WE Come! for Chappell's Ms. Sucher 7th grade class...give a little or a lot!  Help complete the project with thank you notes and a picture board!

Chappell School at Leavitt and Foster Avenue, Winnemac Park: Photo Eric Rojas

Chappell Elementary School teachers and Winnemac Park Neighbors are working together to develop and fund projects.  Kris Swanberg and volunteers are helping to develop, write, fund-raise, promote and write "thank-yous" for individual class projects.

Contact [email protected] to get matched up with a teacher who can use your help. Click or copy the link below to view the first project up assisted by Winnemac Park Neighbors

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Winnemac Park Neigbors Meeting recap from Tuesday

Looking north at Amundsen High School at Winnemac Park last winter. Photo Eric Rojas
We had a really interesting Winnemac Park Neighbors (WPN)meeting at Dolce Casa Cafe last Tuesday evening.  A couple themes were Local School Council elections and the current state of programing at Winnemac Park. Here are some general observations from the meeting:

  • Neighbors received a primer for the upcoming Local School Council (LSC) elections.  Most neighbors present have never voted in an LSC election and learned how easy it is (just go to your district school and vote!). Check out the link above for more information.
  • William Helm and Jeffrey Newman candidates for Amundsen High School LSC both addressed the group.  They both made excellent presentations and were well received.  Both made great points and provided insight to their candidacies.  Many neighbors were able to ask questions and we really appreciated their talks. Meet them at a meeting or around town!
  • Our group has requested the Chicago Park District's Winnemac Park supervisor come meet us and address the neighbors on the state of Winnemac Park.  WPN would like to understand the programming, budget and needs of the park better.  We have not received a response as of yet from the park supervisor to our invitations.
  • A neighbor made some authorized statements on behalf of the Winnemac Park supervisor. We learned of the Amundsen swimming pool renovation and that swim lessons will continue after it's renovation. All Park District pools are to be renovated.  We also learned that programming at the park faces funding challenges and programs can use volunteers
  • Long time and new neighbors made the point that the communication and information at Winnemac Park can be better.  WPN is committed to reviving the Park Advisory Board already in place and meeting with the park leadership to improve communications, programming and to reach out for volunteers.  If you are interested in the Park Advisory Board, please email [email protected]
  • We announced the new blog site (web site) you're reading and Google Group.  All neighbors that sign up on the email list get invited to the Google Group for "opt-in" discussions. We called for neighbor volunteers to post information on the blog...please email [email protected] to become an administrator on the blog site
  • Several neighbors brought up the need to reach out about the meetings in ways other than online.  We all agreed.  However, we called on those neighbors to do just that; help print out and distribute and post flyers for the next meeting.  Watch for the March 13th meeting flyer that will be emailed to our distribution list and help post and distribute to your block!
  • We touched on the new three building, 27 unit condo development in the works at the 4800 block of North Damen.  Most people were positive about development on the vacant lots. The developer, Candea Development, has agreed to address our group at a future meeting.
  • The Community Garden Committee is formed.  Please email [email protected] if interested in advancing a Food Garden in or around Winnemac Park area and we'll forward your name to the committee.
  • Kris Swanberg introduced our effort at Chappell Elementary.  WPN met at Chappell school and asked if teachers were interested in the popular fundraising projects for their classes.  We have over 20 teachers signed up!  Please contact us to help our teachers with their DonorsChoose projects.  Its easy, fun and there are lots of ways to help! Input a project, come up with the description, help write thank you notes or promote the project.   Soon, you can go to the web site and look up Chappell Elementary to help fund a teacher's project...even with $5 bucks! Email [email protected] for more information.
Thanks everyone.  It's a joy visiting, learning and helping all that's going on in the neighborhood!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Local School Council Candidates for Amundsen High School to address Winnemac Park Neighbors

VOTE for your local school council members this APRIL!

Practice outside Amundsen High School. Photo Eric Rojas

We have a couple prospective candidates for Amundsen High School Local School Council signed up to address Winnemac Park Neighbors this Tuesday February 21st, 7PM at Dolce Casa Cafe (4947 N Damen).

Visit the CPS site for information fo more information surrounding LSC Elections! Anyone over 18 in their local school district may vote.  Please call the CPS Local School Council office at 773-553-1400 if you have voter and candidate eligibility questions.

Very few people vote in these important elections.  Make this your first year to impact your schools!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Winnemac Park Neighbors NEXT MEETING: Tuesday February 21st, 7PM Dolce Casa Cafe

Winnemac Park Neighbors meet at Dolce Casa Cafe. Photo, Eric Rojas

Winnemac Park Neighbors invites all residents interested in Winnemac Park, Chappell Elementary, McPherson Elementary, Amundsen High School, St. Matthias and all business and resources around Ashland to Western and and Lawrence to Foster to attend our next informative meeting!

Tuesday February 21st, 7:00PM
Dolce Casa Cafe - 4947 N Damen

On tap for our next meeting:
1. General announcements: New local school funding, Lawrence Streetscape and the Sears parking lot developments, new parking permit policy for the 47th Ward, new WPN blog site and private WPN google group for neighbors to post resources, services and have conversations.
2. Local School Council Candidates: LSC candidates should take the opportunity to speak with Winnemac Park Neighbors. If you are a candidate or prospective candidate for the Local School Council, please contact us at [email protected] to address the group for 5 minutes. We have a couple candidates lined up!
If you wish to learn more about running for LSC, please contact the Office of Local School Council Relations, 125 S. Clark, 5th Floor at 773-553-1400.
Key Dates
March 1st: Original Nomination forms due in Office of Local School Council Relations on 3pm. 

March 8th: Original nomination forms due in schools on  by 3pm 

April 18th: Elementary School Elections 6am-7pm

April 19th: High School Elections 6am-7pm

3. WPN introduces facilitators at Chappell Elementary: Last week, WPN members Kris Swanberg and Eric Rojas presented on fundraising projects to Chappell teachers. Several teachers have been successful in funding projects...many teachers are new to the concept...they all need our help! Volunteer to become a "project facilitator" or project helper for a Chappell teacher and their very own DomorsChoose project.  Kris will be running workshops with the teachers shortly...more to come!  
Contact [email protected] subject "DonorsChoose" to help a teacher!

If you are interested in "Friends of" groups for McPherson, Chappell or Amundsen, please email [email protected] We'll put you in touch with the right people. Please come to the meetings too!
We are collecting names for a community garden or "parks" committee to revive the existing Winnemac Park advisory board. Please email [email protected] if you'd be interested in volunteering at one of our parks or in developing a community green space. We are building a committee.

More to come! Please subscribe to blog updates by submitting your email in the "Follow by Email" box in the right hand side bar. All emails remain private and are used solely for blog updates.

*Please also sign up at the 47th Ward Service Office for their great updates and online newsletter*
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